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Agent/Reseller accounts

Nindino flash dialer has proven to work in all areas even if you have your sip port blocked. See the rate calculator on the home page to calculate rates for different destinations.

  • online account management system
  • Create vouchers/cards from your agent panel. Vouchers can be generated for $5, $10 etc.
  • Manage(top up/assign to user/remove, etc.) your vouchers easily.
  • resell at any price you like.
  • purchase history
  • call history
  • customer details
  • no hidden charges
  • no administration fee
  • no connection fee
  • no additional taxes

How to Setup a Reseller Account

Setting up a reseller account is easy. See FAQ page for more details.

  • Click here to create your reseller account if you haven't done this already.
  • Make a deposit of at least $50
Please note that your account will not be upgraded until we receive the minimum payment.

How to make calls


Following payment methods are accepted:

  • Bank transfer (USA / UK bank account).
  • Ukash voucher
Bank account details are available on the checkout page, try a sample purchase. Note that reseller discounts will not be available for credit card payments.

Reseller Discounts

Amount You Pay Discount
$ 100 $ 95 5%
$ 200 $ 185 7.5%
$ 500 $ 450 10%
$ 1000 $ 800 20%

White Label

Nindino provides whitelabelling feature, in that way you can resell Nindino services under your brandname.

  • Setup Fee $75
  • Development Fee $400
  • Separate license fee applies to dialers
  • Resell the cards for the price you choose
  • Same calling rates apply
Note: If you like to offer a different callrates you might want to use your own access numbers. Make sure you have access numbers available for the countries you are marketing the product in.